POX - The Ultimate disease for PocketPC2002

POX - The Ultimate disease for PocketPC2002 1.0

Pox is a puzzle/arCADe game which will satisfy everybody from rookie players to hardcore gamers. It mixes subtly immediate dexterity and mid term strategy planning. Like all truly fun games, Pox is easy to understand, fun to play ... and difficult to fight. 80 levels, 65000 colors, JACKPOX, 5 score multipliers, World wide hall of fame. Customization of sounds and images with packs, Multi-platform (PC, Pocket PC). A game you have to see ! History: A horde of bacteria unscrupulous have decided to make your body their home and of course without your permission ! Finding the place pleasant, they begin to proliferate settling every parts of your body. Your infinite kindness having some limits, you decide it's time to kick out these unwanted guests.

Download POX - The Ultimate disease for PocketPC2002

  • Size: 1.50 MB
  • License: Demo
  • Publisher: Zenops