Paragon Last Minute Gebot

Paragon Last Minute Gebot 1.69

Paragon Last Minute Bidder is the bargain hunter of the year for all fans of eBay™ auctions! Your bid is placed automatically at the last minute at the end of the auction. As soon as the bid is activated and all the bids parameters are set, the fully-automated Assistant monitors the complete auction process. All changes are entered and stored. Only at the end of the auction the Assistant begins to make the bids automatically until the defined limit, all within the interval of 10 seconds minimum: to bid, to check, to outbid. You can save money by avoiding the initial of "price raising" of auctions, you will not miss the end of an auction and every bid can be set precisely to the cent. Additional Program Features: Clearly arranged graphical status indication for running bids. Synchronizing of the clock for precise last minute bidding. The Best Price Module! Automatic choice of the cheapest offer for identical products " Direct integration of Internet Explorer. Intelligible structured and user-friendly interface. All of the eBay™-options and start-pages are free configurable. Any number of products you wish are selectable in advance: as soon as the preselected number of awards are made, the Assistant ends the bid for all other alternative products on this list. Easy administration of the pictures and the text for all stored pages of products. Serial Letter Module: Simplifies the whole correspondence, inquiries, purchase requests and acknowledgements. All important parameters: Bidding start, intervals of the bids, steps, intervals of updates and passwords can be adjusted. Easy log-in process by eBay™ Automatic bidding: Last Minute Bidder can be connected by request automatically with the Internet and manage the bids. Automatic updating of the program configuration if page format of the auction house should vary.

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