Payroll Calculator 2002

Payroll Calculator 2002 3.6

payroll Calculator easily calculates your worked hours and your overtime hours based on your established wage, so you will know what to expect on your next paycheck. Whether it is weekly or bi-weekly or evens a monthly paycheck, or US, Euro, or any other countries currencies, payroll Calculator does it all. Features: Support up to 3 Multi-Pay Rates, Bonuses or Tips, Deductions, Vacations, Holidays, and Sick. payroll Calculator can prints out a report that list all of your worked hours, OT, and total net pay and when you get your paycheck and if the hours or pay are different, you can take this printed report to your manager and show the differences/mistakes so you can be sure you get prompted well-paid paycheck. Another excellent feature is the program's reporting capabilities. It produces a line graph that indicates pay over a year, and also displays your highest, lowest and average earnings. Using Job Profiles feature supports when you have more than one job and you can make each separate file of calculations for each job you works for. These Job Profiles can export to HTML format, Excel format, or Comma Delimited format for 3rd party spreadsheet program.

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