Power OS Commander

Power OS Commander 1.0

Power OS Commander is a file manager with the classic and powerful DOS time looks. It packs all OS file operation with additional power-packed utilites. * Extended copying, moving, renaming and deleting of entire trees,file attribute, make directory,2-25% faster than windows * Inbuilt File Shredder/Wiper acc to DoD 5220.022 specs * File and Phrase Searching Tool with wildcards * Easily Split/Merge files * Even File/Folder's Cluster-Level Allocation information can be read. * Undeletion of Complete Directory with sub-dirs or a single file on FAT drives * 6 sorted forms (Filename, ext, dir, size, attrib, date/time). * Easily browse those Deleted or Hidden by softwares such as FolderLock, FolderGuard, etc. * Two fixed windows side by side which provide easy browsing of files and directories.

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