RIP Vinyl

RIP Vinyl 3.10

Give your Vinyl Records a rest. RIP vinyl allows you to record from any audio source on your PC, and produce WAVor MP3 files, which can then be burned onto a CD-R for your own personal use while away from home. Compression is done via Microsoft's Audio Compression Manager (MSACM) and can use any ACM codec that is licensed for encoding. The software automatically detects tracks, and you can configure the track detection parameters. In addition, it automatically discards tracks shorter than a threshold. A new mode allows recording 78 RPM records at 45 RPM with a simple click of a button. The software now supports a peak VU meter, and the main UI and installation has been translated into Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. It also supports recording 78 RPM records at 45 RPM.

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