RolloSONIC 1.0a

Create computer-synthesized, electronic sounds... simply by moving your mouse! With a fluidly-dynamic, freeform-modular, sound synthesis system, you can create a virtually unlimited number of configurations, permitting for many different sounds to be made. You can add real-time audio effects to your voice or other sound input. You can optionally integrate your MIDI enabled keyboard or sequencer, allowing for further extensibility and access. There's no need for any third-party software components as this program is stand-alone, and since it uses the standard sound-interface, you are not required to have any special sound hardware. Some additional features include: True 128-note polyphony per oscillator, real-time input and output-latency control, simultaneous multi-device capable, 64-bit floating-point internal-processing (per channel), and a colour-configurable user-interface.

Download RolloSONIC

  • Size: 1.16 MB
  • License: Shareware
  • Publisher: RolloSONIC