SWF to MP3 Converter

SWF to MP3 Converter 2.2

SWF to MP3 converter is an audio converter. It can convert audio in SWF file (Macromedia Flash Movie File) into MP3. The SWF audio consists of one or more sound elements the format of which is MP3 or WAV. SWF to MP3 converter creates a single file for each of the sound element and converts WAV into MP3 automatically. You also can merge the multiple MP3 files into one by this program. SWF to MP3 converter supports all versions of SWF files. Features * Converts ALL audio in SWF file into MP3. * Supports ALL versions of SWF files. * Supports merging multiple converted MP3 files into one. * Supports batch extracting. * Supports adding folder(s), so much as Internet cache folder. * Supports Drag and Drop. * Fast to convert. * Attractive and intuitive interface.

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