Scheduling and Roster Tool Excel

Scheduling and Roster Tool Excel 40

Save time and improve staff rostering with the streamlined Scheduling and Roster Tool Excel. This easy to use tool will build a roster based on your shift and staff inputs. It allows you to freely add shifts and staff to compile a roster for any configuration. It considers the maximum continuous work hours, minimum break between shifts, maximum work hours within the roster period, number of days worked in a week, and any shift limits. You can set a Yes or No work status to define a must work or must not work requirement, roll roster details into the next roster period to easily build consecutive rosters, and set a random build sequence. This version includes improved algorithms, an input template providing copy and paste functionality for roster creation, layout formatting for condensed roster display and printing, and a detail display function so you can see the workings of roster calculations. Simply input your staff and shift details for the roster period and the Scheduling and Roster Tool will calculate the roster that best meets your requirements. The completed roster can be printed using standard Excel print functions. It is suitable for both continuous and non continuous schedules of up to 700 shifts.

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