SmartHide 2.0.4

Arovax SmartHide will hide IP address quickly and secure as far as possible. It has the fast server providing the high speeds of the Internet. Arovax SmartHide compresses all transferred files. Therefore, it saves the money and traffic. Hide IP address carefully. You're invisible all the time while connected to Arovax SmartHide server. You may not worry about the security and personal privacy because SmartHide will hide IP address on the very high level. Software has the very simple interface - just one button click is needed to hide IP address in the Internet. Push the button "Make me invisible" and hide IP address in its best. Smart and Easy, isn't it? Learn more about SmartHide activity with software bookmark "Log". Set your program as you wish with "Settings" bookmark. If you have any questions or suggestions to help us to improve SmartHide and hide IP address better, use the bookmark "Help". You will be more than wondered with its mild and good-looking window design. Our octopus - is our software main symbol and friend. He is always on the guard. He is us, so we are on the guard too. Arovax SmartHide uses secure protocols and modern algorithms assuring the protection of all messages and files that you send through the Internet. When you hide IP address with SmartHide you shield your deals in the Internet including the filling of forms, the typing of passwords and others things that can be stolen or intercepted. That's why it is very important to hide IP address. Arovax SmartHide is a simple in use anonymizer but unlike anonymizers it hasn't web interface. It has the easy GUI interface (the simple interface like any standard software has) which a lot of users would like. You haven't to go to a web site each time when you want to serf the Internet anonymously as it realized in most of anonymizers. Just one simple action - "make me Invisible" button click and you're another person in the Internet. Hide IP address and stay Invisible as long as you wish.

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  • Size: 2.04 MB
  • License: Shareware
  • Publisher: Arovax LLC