Spam Inspector - Microsoft Outlook Edition

Spam Inspector - Microsoft Outlook Edition 3.1

Say Goodbye To spam with this powerful anti-spam filtering tool for Microsoft Outlook. Put a stop to spam with spam Inspector - the fast, easy way to dramatically reduce spam in your inbox. Postal Inspector installs directly into your email program, running quietly in the background -- scanning and blocking that time wasting, irritating junk email. spam Inspector runs inside of Microsoft Outlook (Outlook Express version also available). Once you install spam Inspector, your incoming email is automatically analyzed against spam Inspector's powerful heuristic spam definition library to determine if a message is spam. Junk emails are then quarantined locally if you ever want to review them later! Automatic Updates work behind firewalls. Each time you open Outlook, spam Inspector quietly checks to see if any new anti-spam definitions are available and installs them -- no searching for the right website, no configuring software. To bounce email, click a Button and spam Inspector will send a spammer an automated message from your mail server informing them that your email address 'is not valid email address'. Get off lists fast! The Foreign character set blocking feature allows you to configure spam Inspector to block selected character sets. Report spam messages to the spammers ISP, mail relays and spam reporting agenies throuh the click of a button.

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