Spam Vaccine

Spam Vaccine 1.3

spam Vaccine stops spam by 'vaccinating' email addresses that appear on Web pages. This prevents programs called 'spambots' from stealing your email address and sending you spam. Customers and friends see your email address, but the spambots see nothing. So you get less spam. spam Vaccine Features: * Proven - tested against real-life spambot software * Fast - vaccinates hundreds of email addresses in seconds * Safe - backup files ensure the integrity of your Web pages * Thorough - vaccinates email links and plain-text email addresses * Compatible - vaccinated pages work with any server or browser spam Vaccine converts addresses to JavaScript for maximum effect, but also provides support for the many Web users who can't or won't use JavaScript. This ensures that all users, regardless of their browser software, will be able to communicate with you easily by email.

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