Sticky Password

Sticky Password 2.3

Sticky Password automatically fills login and password fields in web forms and usual dialog windows. It has an unique feature named "Sticky Button" which appears on any window that had password saved for. The first and foremost advantage of Sticky Password is the fact that it works with web forms and dialog windows of regular applications. Most password keeping applications are adapted for web environment only, and many work properly only with Internet Explorer. Another advantage of Sticky Password is an unique "sticky button" feature. The program adds a special button to any window or web page that had previously passpassword saved for. Careful backup feature will keep all your passwords safely stored until you will need them. The complete list of features: * The passwords are stored in a strongly encrypted database. * Private information easily associated (sticked) to any program window or WEB page. An intelligent feature will automatically retrieve password for you. * The passwords are filed automatically to the appropriate fields of usual applications (not only web-forms). * Multiple logins and password for single account. * Microsoft Windows user accounts support: each computer user has own passwords database. * Ease of use: two steps to add password to the database and only one step to retrieve the it! * Simple interface: user usually works with single control on the screen. * The strong passwords generator: be safe with unpredictable passwords. * Automated backup of passwords database: you can restore modified or deleted passwords on any day and at any time! * Automated security: the database is locked automatically after the specified timeout. You can unlock it again only by entering the master password. * Simplified collaboration: you can export passwords to different file formats and merge them with other accounts. * Easy search: you can search for your password by any keyword.

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