Traso WinBranch

Traso WinBranch 10.0

Traso WinBranch is an openware Internet Integrated branch accounting, billing, inventory consolidation software. General:Unicode Support, Keep accounts in your native language (Arabic or Japanese or Hindi or Sanskrit or any other language supported by Win2000). Users can design their bill/invoice printing outputs. Client-Server Technology. Data Entry Wizards. Pentium III required, windows 2000 required., Internet options - PAID feature. All other options FREE, fully functional, no time restrictions. Paid Internet options: Email your Sales Invoices And Customer Statements Transmit/Receive Vouchers Via the Internet Store your product list with rates on the Internet Consolidate Branch Information Via the Internet Download Invalid Credit Card List Via the Internet FREE options: Accounting:Multi Currency, Billing, Invoicing, Check Printing, Receivables, Payables, Payment wise Interest, payroll, Advances, Duties & Taxes, Payment wise Interest, Letters Of Credit & Bills of Exchanges, Write Offs, Third Party Indenting Operations. Inventory Control:Physical and Book Inventories, Full Packaging Information with Batch Numbers Expiry Dates etc, FIFO valuation, First-Second-Sale in transit inventories. Unit And Kilogram Ratings. Track Defective Inventories. Excise Inventories. Godown wise Inventories. Track Freebies (goods given away as free). Supplier wise, Brand wise Inventories. Reports:Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, 480+ Predefined Reports, Users can define their own reports with report writer. Uninvoiced Deliveries, Undelivered Invoices, Central And Local Sales Tax Reports, Excise Reports. Sales- Quotations, Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, Returns Cash Sales, Cash Sale Returns Purchase inquiries, Orders, Receipts, Bills (General/Excise Mod vat), Returns Cash Purchases, Cash Purchase Returns

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