Virtual AutumnTECH

Virtual AutumnTECH Stand

Virtual AutumnTECH provides anti-spam and anti-virus e-mail filtering within its own virtual operating environment without the need for additional hardware. Virtual AutumnTECH operates within an existing Windows® or Linux server or desktop running the VMware® player, workstation, server, or ESXi software. Virtual AutumnTECH is available in 3 trim levels, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. All versions include Webtility, a simple web-based management and configuration tool for monitoring and configuring Virtual AutumnTECH. Standard includes 1 GB of storage space, remote block list checking, postgrey greylisting, and tools for denying dangerous e-mail attachment file extensions. Pro includes Standard's features but increases the storage availability from 1 to 2 GB. In addition, PRO includes sophisticated anti-virus check engine. Enterprise includes the same features as Pro but increases the storage space from 2 to 5 GB. In addition, Enterprise includes an anti-spam engine with the ability to quarantine spam. All trim levels are built on OpenBSD, widely known as the most secure unix-like operating system available. In addition, other great open source solutions are integrated including Postfix, ClamAV, Spamassassin, Apache, and MySQL. Virtual AutumnTECH includes a quick configuration wizard will appear during boot for near instant network connectivity.

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