Visual Sidekick

Visual Sidekick 1.0 (

Visual Sidekick is a powerful Visual C++ addin designed to improve a developer's efficiency. By integrating deeply into the Visual C++ 5 or 6 IDE, Visual Sidekick provides the developer with a fast, up-to-date, searchable database of all project classes, symbols, files and project folders. Using a single sub-string filter query, Visual Sidekick will search all project files and symbols quickly and dynamically. Unlike Visual C++'s standard object browser, Visual Sidekick does *not* require an error-free, compiled project. Features include: ** Symbol Browser - Browse classes, enums, methods, macros and other C++ symbols. ** File Browser - Browse project files and DSP folders. ** Symbol Filter - Filter symbols and filename using powerful sub-string searches. ** Unified View - Browse classes, symbols, files and folders in a single unified tree. ** Code Navigator - Position the Visual C++ editor on any file or symbol definition. ** Code Generator - Generate body stubs from header files for any unimplemented method. ** Code Metrics - Report on the number of files, classes, symbols, lines of code, comments, etc. ** Class Hierarchy - Browse and filter classes in a hierarchy tree. ** Header/Source Flip - Ctrl-Enter cycles between header and implementation files. ** Method Declaration-Definition Flip - Ctrl-Shift-Enter flips between method header and method body. ** Clipboard History - Paste from the last 15 clipboard copy operations. ** Drag and Drop Source Code - Browse and edit non-DSP-based code bases using Visual C++ by dragging the files or folder from Explorer onto Visual Sidekick. ** Standard Libraries - Browse, Navigate and Filter standard libraries, including Win32, MFC, ATL, STL, DirectX, etc.

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