WebEradicator 3.00

WebEradicator is the award-winning security solution that securely eradicates your PC activity histories. WebEradicator has the ability to cover up your previous PC activity, as well as eradicate selected files and directories that you specify! WebEradicator allows you to use your PC in private without having to worry about others seeing what you have been doing, or reading your sensitive data. All data is eradicated, leaving no traces left in your PC. Secure Deletion and Eradication WebEradicator can securely eradicates any of the histories below that show what you have been doing on your PC: Internet Explorer and Netscape Histories Internet Cookies Internet Temp Files Browser Favorites Email Message Histories Windows Temp Files Windows Run History Windows Recent Docs History Windows Recycling Bin Windows Clipboard My Documents Folder My Pictures Folder My Videos Folder Any directory specified! Any file specified!

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