Webgenz 5.9.1

Webgenz is an object-oriented content management system and web site development tool for Windows. Webgenz generates web site documents (HTML, ASP, JSP, PHP, etc) from reusable templates and content macros. Using a practical, file-based approach, Webgenz allows you to take advantage of powerful content management features. Some of the benefits of Webgenz include: Content Reuse - Webgenz offers unparalleled support for content reuse so you never need to maintain the same content in multiple places. Design Independence - Webgenz allow you to maintain web page design independently from content, so it's simple and efficient to make global design changes. Ease-of-Use - The Webgenz graphical user interface makes it easy to manage shared content and templates. Webgenz supports one-click integration with your favorite text editor and version control software. What makes Webgenz unique is the application of object-oriented programming techniques to content management and web site development. Webgenz allows you to organize content macros into an inheritance hierarchy, making content sharing and reuse more powerful yet easier to manage. Passing parameters to macros provides even greater support for content reuse. Webgenz is designed to easily integrate with your existing infrastructure. The Webgenz generation process is an off-line, "compile time" operation. No changes to your web server or on-line systems are required. And, since Webgenz is a file-based, you don't need a special database server as you do with many other content management systems. Webgenz is compatible with the tools and technologies you're using today. You can use Webgenz to manage HTML files, ASP files, JSP files, PHP files, and more. The Webgenz content management solution can be used by individual developers or by teams of website engineers. Webgenz is a 32-bit Windows application that generates content for any web server platform, including Windows, UNIX, Apache, and Linux.

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