XML Spy 4.4

Countless XML technologies - One powerful XML Spy 4.4 Suite! XML Spy now offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use product family to facilitate all aspects of Advanced XML Application Development. Download a free evaluation copy today! XML Spy 4.4 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) XML Spy 4.4 IDE is the industry leading solution for XML-based applications, making it easy to create and manage XML documents, stylesheets, and schemas. It is the essential power tool for XML application developers. XML Spy 4.4 IDE builds on the success of the award-winning XML Spy 3.5 product, by adding advanced functionality such as complete support for the official W3C XML Schema final recommendation, enhanced ODBC database access, and much more. XML Spy 4.4 IDE provides the power and flexibility needed to work with XML content in the most sophisticated production environments, greatly improving how businesses create and use information on the internet. XML Spy 4.4 IDE is centered around a professional validating XML editor with advanced views on your documents, an Enhanced Grid View for structured editing, a Database/Table view that shows repeated elements in a tabular fashion, an advanced graphical XML Schema design view, a Text View with syntax-coloring for low-level work, and an integrated Browser View that supports both CSS and XSL style-sheets. XML Spy 4.4 Document Framework The XML Spy 4.4 Document Framework consists of two new products; the XML Spy 4.4 XSLT Designer, and the XML Spy 4.4 Document Editor. The XML Spy 4.4 XSLT Designer automates writing of complex XSLT stylesheets using an intuitive, drag-and drop user interface. The XML Spy 4.4 Document Editor is a easy-to-use word processor style WYSISYG text editor for XML, available as stand-alone application or browser plug-in. Combined, they form an enterprise-wide content management solution for creating and deploying XML content in real-world production environments such as publishing or e-Commerce.

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