go1984 2.5

go1984 was conceived for professional and problem-free video surveillance. It can use pictures from Network-Cams, WebCams, Video Capture Cards and other http picture sources. The number picture sources you can use is only limited by your computer hardware installation. Prime features of the user interface include: ease of use; rapid input of saved pictures; and integral, maskable motion detection. You can network several go1984 computers to a surveillance system which uses LAN/WAN connections to allow you to grab pictures from distant cameras. You can define precise surveillance periods according to a timetable. As soon as a movement is detected, go1984 creates a new picture and, if you wish, alerts you automatically, eg by e-mail, ICQ or SMS. The integral "image center" makes it possible to view up to 64 live images simultaneously. Key features : - Support for Network-Cams, WebCams, Video Capture Cards and HTTP image sources - Integrated motion detection - Video source masking for each video source - Scene manager - Alarm option via E-Mail, ICQ, SMS, Sound - FTP-Upload - Peer-2-Peer video networking for sharing your cams - Export JPG and AVI-Files - UDP-Broadcast for each video source into your local network - Memory allocation management for each video source

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