AquaSpelling 1.0

AquaSpelling is not a game, it is an educational tool that your kids can use to learn spelling and build vocabulary in a variety of languages. You can create your spelling list by recording your pronunciation or, better yet, letting your kids do it (sound recording is optional). Save time and give your kids the freedom to practice spelling at their own pace and have a lot of fun playing simple, yet mind challenging, spelling games (games include wordsearch, waterballoon spelling, find and match, and mystery word). You can monitor their progress with the student tracking tools. AquaSpelling can be used to define spelling lists for an unlimited number of students (the same word can be assigned to multiple students at the same time). It is also possible to create an unlimited number of user defined categories. Any number of words can be assigned to a category and a word can be assigned to many categories at the same time. A level of difficulty can be assigned to the words. Students, levels of difficulty and categories can be used to select words during practice or when playing games. AquaSpelling allows you to store the definition of the words to build vocabulary and to record phrases to practice dictation. The use of students, categories, levels of difficulty and word definition is optional and can be turned on or off with ease. The program is available in English and Spanish and offers full support for special characters (like ñ, á, é, è, ê, ü, etc.). By entering the translation into the word definition field, AquaSpelling can also be used to study vocabulary lists in a foreign language.

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