Dream Angel Oracle

Dream Angel Oracle 1.0

You get the demo here and buy the full version from the demo program. There is a secret to manifesting what we want-- the power of our imagination and dreams. Through conversations with our Dream Angels we open an inner dialog that awakens ideas and inspiration. The key to this is the exciting new program: The Dream Angel Oracle! Dream Angels help you get clear ideas by guiding you to unleash the inspiration and intuition that lie within your imagination and dreams. Dream Angels help you relax and shed the tensions of the day by sending you gentle messages that help you feel comforted from within. Dream Angels guide you to a better love life and better relationships by teaching you to listen to your heart. The Dream Angel Oracle (DAO) is a new multimedia divination program that runs on your computer (Windows or Mac). Dream Angels dispense advice and affirmations for you when you type in a question or comment for them AND the program is enhanced with a special original musical soundtrack by neoclassical composer, Tim Thompson (Forestdale, Symphonia Felina) that makes your spirit soar.

Download Dream Angel Oracle