EasyFit 1.1

EasyFit is a probability distribution fitting software for Windows. It provides a complete set of features allowing to fit probability distributions to your reliability data, analyze the results and select the model which best describes your data. Benefits: be protected against potential time and money losses that can take place in case of invalid model selection; save your time by automation of the distribution fitting process. Program features: classical distributions (Exponential, Gamma, Lognormal, Normal, Weibull); advanced distributions (Phase Bi-Exponential, Phase Bi-Weibull); automatic parameter estimation procedures; goodness of fit tests; high-quality graphs; descriptive statistics calculation; Excel-like spreadsheet for data entering and manipulation; data importing (Excel, ASCII); easy to use interface; on-line documentation. EasyFit generates a variety of high-quality graphs, enabling you to perform an in-depth analysis of your data: probability density function (PDF), cumulative distribution function (CDF), survival function, hazard function, and cumulative hazard function. All the graphs support moving and zooming using mouse. Furthermore, EasyFit allows to display several graphs of the same type on a single chart, making it easy to compare compare two or more distribution curves. Two goodness of fit (GOF) tests are supported: Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Anderson-Darling. The results are presented in a single table which gives you access to all the GOF statistics and helps you come to a decision in favor of the model which best describes your data.

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