Monkey Talk Spanish Demo

Monkey Talk Spanish Demo 1.5

Monkey Talk is educational software that is designed to help children start learning a foreign language. Monkey Talk will help children to learn vocabulary and pronunciation fundamentals at their own pace. Monkey Talk is available in Spanish, French, German and Italian. The software is designed for 3 to 8 year olds. In the program, children join Simean the Monkey as he goes on adventures all around the town of Jabberville! Jabberville is full of fun activities to do, interesting things see, and has more than a few surprises to discover! While they are exploring Jabberville, Simean guides children through each activity, which helps them learn the fundamentals of the language. First, Monkey Talk helps children learn the fundamentals of English, and then leads them through those same fundamentals in a foreign language. Children play educational games that can aid in learning the basics of languages with the ultimate goal of allowing them to become bilingual. Since children retain more when they are involved, Monkey Talk was specifically designed to help children easily learn their basics while having fun. What better way to learn than by having fun? Monkey Talk teaches language skills in an exciting and entertaining environment. NOTE TO PARENTS: Studies have shown that the earlier a child is taught a foreign language, the easier it is for them to learn it. Children that know a foreign language will be better prepared for the job market of the 21st century. Knowing a foreign language will give them access to better jobs, international assignments, management opportunities, and better pay. Make sure that your child is ready for the future. Monkey Talk Features: Graphics and Animations, Music, Games, and Native Speakers. Rated: 4.3 stars (out of 5) by Children's Software Revue. This program is a Working Demo Monkey Talk retails for $19.99(US). For more information visit

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